Vibhu Nagral

Founder, Choose to Be Well

is a health, wellness and lifestyle medicine coach, with 25+ years of global experience in health education, yoga therapy, coaching and counseling. With a career spanning both the US and India, she has gained a rich assorted experience with a global population seeking wellness of mind, body and spirit which she delivers with care. Her expertise ranges across private practice, workshops, and wellness consulting with corporates and hospital networks. Her practical hands-on mindful style is one of commitment, confidentiality, and community-building. Vibhu has been a consultant and patient counselor for Healthspring, India’s leading nationwide chain of primary healthcare clinics, where she has worked with patients in the areas of cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes rehabilitation, women’s health issues and depression, under international guidelines adapted to local needs for effective outcomes. She serves on the board of Sharp Again Naturally, and is a partner with the Alzheimer’s Association in the US.

Babitarani Suvarna

Yoga Therapist, Consultant and Healing Coach

has always believed Health is WEALTH. She is certified yoga therapist with an MA in Psychology, who has over 15 years of experience in treating patients with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, mental health and chronic pain. She is a certified personal counselor and combines her skills in naturopathy and therapeutics to holistically counsel the aging population. She is committed to making a difference in people’s lives who really choose to be healthy. Her previous work in customer care in the banking world enables her to understand the needs of clients from all walks of life and share her wisdom in her quiet, gentle yet effective style to achieve positive results. Her counseling work with local church youth makes her a valuable resource for the entire community.


Namrata Sharma

Art and Music Therapy Consultant; Founder, Indika Studios.

is an engineer, entrepreneur, artist and MD in Alternative Medicine, Namrata wears many hats. She co-founded Krayon Pictures in 2007, and won a National Award for producing the animation film, Delhi Safari. She founded Antrix Animated, a studio that developed games, in 2006 after having worked with renowned studios across the globe.


Tech and Healthcare Consultant.

is the founder of Techkare, an app where healthcare meets technology. It is set up to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare providers. The app enables its users to access a variety of resources required to improve their health and well-being in an interactive, personalized and data driven manner.

Raksha Chadva

Nutrition and Naturopathy Consultant

Is a Nutritionist, a Naturopath and an Aromatherapist by profession with a global experience of more than 15 years exceeding a patient list of more than 50,000. She has a naturopathy centre in Gujarat, outskirts of Bhuj; names Navjivan Nature Cure Centre. She run her Nutrition centres in Juhu and Andheri, Mumbai and does online consultations. She conducts 21 day online weight loss and disease reversal programs. She has treated people with diabetes, high cholesterol and heart issues, depression, fatty liver and other liver problems, hormonal issues, kidney disorders, and obesity issues.

She firmly believe that the body has the capacity to heal itself. Once the root cause of a sickness has been identified, and natural immunity has increased, the body heals itself. This is her holistic approach to all sicknesses and diseases.

She is associated with a couple of trusts and anganwadis and work towards enriching people with the right knowledge of the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.
She strongly believes in giving back to the society and follows her passion of healing people.

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