We support your wellness goals and increase your wellness quotient (WQ) to Aging Well to improve and preserve your health.

As we age, external factors take a toll on us physically and mentally. The need for clear, trustworthy information on brain health is greater than ever as people live longer. It is vital to well-being across the lifespan. We compassionately support you in this endeavor with evidence-based practices and integrative holistic science through workshops, support groups, meditation, therapy and coaching. Our team comprises of globally certified wellness coaches, counselors, therapists and nutritionists with a special focus on brain longevity and lifestyle support.

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“Since I turned 50, things have just been falling apart!” is a sentiment shared by people over the years. Aging well is a choice that builds our quality of life. We look at implementing programs that extend your health-span by bringing balance and shorten your disease-span.

So, what exactly is wellness? 

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Building cognitive resilience to lead a meaningful engaged and independant life.

Learning how to achieve a brain-healthy lifestyle customized for you

Cultivating a sharp mind to shape a healthy body

Preserving your mind and personality through the aging process

“Aging Well is a choice! I Thank you Choose to be Well for teaching me that! I overcame
feeling brain fuzz, hypertension and lost 25 kilos. I highly recommend Choose to be Well and their holistic programs.”

Rahul, Mumbai. 

“Ever since I started yoga therapy with Choose to be Well, I’ve noticed an immediate change within my body. My bones used to ache and I was diagnosed with arthritis. I have been practicing yoga therapy since October 2014 and I feel 100% again.”

Martin, Boston, USA. 

“Thank you Choose to be Well: “ My body and mind are more balanced, diabetes is under control.Thank you for teaching me to value LIFE itself.”

Irina, Dubai.   

It was a wonderful experience 21 consecutive days enabled us to develop good habits and social bonds. Most of us being 50+, physical exercise had been limited during this Corona time, dietary habits were poor, difficult to keep ourselves occupied with the correct mindset and get good sleep were major problems. Hence with a deep sense of gratitude, I thank “Choose to be Well” for giving me a fresh perspective and this great opportunity to AGE-WELL, improve myself, and build my Aging Well Plan.

Additional Director (Retd.) Dr. Laura Nayak   

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Stay Sharp!

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